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Winner of the 2015 Courage to Dream Book Prize of the American Psychoanalytic Association

Energetic and rigorously researched.—Helen Tyson, Literary Review

[Lunbeck] has written an impressively researched history of the idea of narcissism in U.S. intellectual and cultural life and found the concept unfairly maligned.—Robert Reynolds, Times Higher Education Supplement

A tour de force. Lunbeck brilliantly tracks the decades-long transformation of narcissism from a complex Freudian concept to a master term of 1970s social critique. Along the way, she masterfully delineates the ways narcissism has been used to explain such culturally freighted phenomena as homosexuality, women’s fashion, consumer culture, and youth revolt. This is social criticism at its best.—George Chauncey, Yale University

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Elizabeth Lunbeck, a Professor in the History of Science at Harvard, is a historian of psychiatry and psychoanalysis in the United States and Europe, with allied interests in women and gender, intellectual and cultural history, and the twentieth-century United States.

The Americanization of Narcissism

An interview with Harvard University Press